All the tools you need to create and manage your customer or employee Consultation Communities are in OrganisedFeedback: Ideas publication, prioritisation and moderation. Stakeholder communication and motivation. ePanels and "invite-only" discussion and project groups. Discussion forums. Powerful survey and analysis tools. All very easy to use.



Ideas widget Of course step 1 is to create the Place where ideas flourish! Just deploy the Ideas widget and immediately you have an interactive success-focussed Ideas' Community.

Searching for Ideas Participants can see a list of ideas which have already been submitted to the community. They can search for ideas based on keywords - duplication hit on the head!

Searching for Ideas Users can submit their own ideas. Adding a title and detailed description. Hyperlinks and images can be added using the easy to use text editor.

Idea Moderation As the administrator, you can moderate Ideas and comments. You can decide if ideas should have pre or post moderation.

Creating Idea Sessions The site administrator can create Idea Sessions. Asking for ideas and comments on a specific subject/topic.

Reporting on Ideas You can report on all ideas and comments submitted. Export to XLS to easily share with colleagues.

Branding your Ideas
You can fully customise your Organised Feedback site. Adding logos, banners, CSS etc

Private Communities Sometimes you need to consult specific target groups. Organised Feedbacks built in groups and invitation system handles this with ease.

eConsultation Organised Feedback goes 1 (or 2) steps further... with a built-in online stakeholder engagement system deploying surveys and discussion forums is as easy as 1,2,3.